Ace Frayleys’s Child is:

Amniotic Sac (tuba and keys)
Placenta (all guitars, B.G. vox)
Blastocyst (lead vocals, bass, and genetics)
Fontanelle (drums and head banging)
Apgar Skor (lyrics, stage presence, advice)
Puss Galore (infection, big mess, b.g. vox)
Ambiguous Genitals (problems later in life)
Happy Beefcat (encouragement)
Black Metal Donald Halvorsson-Knudsen (keeping things unreal, propaganda)
Lil’ Dumplin (cuss words)
Emoji (subject of ridicule)
Barrister Archbold Jamaica (legal consultations)
Sir Alfred Tinsmith (backroom dealings and garbage reclamation)
Enron Hubbard (mythology and/or wizardry)
Sgt. Leonard Melzer (occult advice)
Cranky “Angry” Pants (management)
Rudy Botswana (vitriolic satire)
Greasy Lenny (the one we never talk about)
Bro Magnon (Good times! Only the best!)
Nixon Noxin (shifty behaviour and palindromes)
You (additional vocals in shower)

Download and read the Ace Frayleys’s Child press kit PDF by clicking this link or any of the images below. Then make some informed decisions.

But In The Interim…

There was the Cat Man. There was the Star Child. Eventually, after eighteen paternity lawsuits, there was Ace Frayleys’s Child. (Pronounced like “fry-leez”. The name is purely coincidental. There is no relation to Screamin’ Arthur Frayleys a.k.a “Ace”.)

Asian astrologers forecasted 2016 as the Year of the Monkey. With more precise examination of the stars, 2016 is the Year of the Lemur. Order: Primates. Family: Lemuridae.

This change in the established order of the sacred books and sky charts belonging to The Association of Astrologers, Well-Wishers and Gift Retailers of South Central Beijing and Guangdong may have fortuitous or catastrophic consequences depending on where your birthday falls. Those who are lemurs are promised increased dividends, greater wisdom, good times, and a new recording by Ace Frayleys’s Child, a veritable supergroup comprised of members from Anglo Saxon, Hauling Trash, Crotch, Van Haelenstraat, Cummingtonite, Los Nunchucks, Holeeeeeeee Fuckin’ Fuckin’ Fuck, R.A.M.T.H.A., Black Fred Flintstone, Canned Halen, Beagle Swapper, Pissa Italiana, Muck Tuck, Monosyllabic, The Turncoat Tablists, Cram Halen, LGBTO, Cat Gunt, Tuskstache, Lumpy Nuts, Banana Rammer, Van Hailin’, and Wrinkled Dink. With an overall combined experience between 8 and 10 years, Ace Frayleys’s Child displays a wisdom of the ages desperately lacking in many so-called “scenes” or “electronic music festivals” or “clubs” or “record stores” or “beaches” or “factories”. Why all the jargon? Because what you are about to read is a story more insightful and biting than a movie by Orsyn Welles, book by Jeremy Scahyll, and drum solo by Aesop Dekker’s uvula combined. It is also far less embarrassing than an interview with Adam Gollnyr.